SafeZone is a photo and video vault to keep your private data safe. Uses machine learning technology to detect NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photos in your photo library and will add them right into the app.

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Enhance allows you to zoom in infinitely on any photo. There are no limits and nothing is stoping you. Once you zoomed in on the picture, you can now press the share button, and it will save the zoomed photo to your camera roll.

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Editor is a syntx highlighting text editor. You can code right from your phone.
•Comes with 77 themes
•Supports 169 programming languages

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Change - Secret Photo Vault is just a normal iPhone game, until you swipe down on the home page. After having put in your Touch-ID or password, a whole new world opens.

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RandInt allows you to generate any random integer between any two values multiple times. RandInt will even tell you how many times a certain integer is called.

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Tap the circles before they disappear! Over time the circles disappear faster and you need to step up your tapping speed. Compete against your friends to get the highest score!

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